Online T-shirt Subscription: How Do They Work?

The t-shirt subscription business is booming. These days, you can get about any t-shirt design, color, material, size, or any specifications to any part of the world. The history of t-shirt subscriptions can be traced back to 2010 when a subscription service and beauty company called Birchbox developed a paradigm-shifting way to send users new products for only $10 monthly. As time progressed, t-shirt subscription has also made significant steps. Below is an explanation of how online t-shirt subscriptions work.

How Does It Work?

Each t-shirt subscription brand works differently. There are those who, unfortunately, might steal your money without blinking. On the other hand, some respect your money and surpass your expectations with the best t-shirts in the market.

In most cases, you sign up on a subscription website with your details and proper address for the delivery. Depending on the packages available, you can determine if you will be billed monthly, three months, or annually. You might as well customize a plan depending on your preference.

Once you have set up your account, you then give out the specifications you want to be honored, such as size, whether it’s fitted shirts or not, among others. Unfortunately, some t-shirt subscriptions don’t give you the option to choose the design. It is also a good thing since you get surprised by the different designs they can develop.

Every month, or depending on your package, you will receive a package from True Classic Tees with premium, high-quality t-shirts that you subscribed to. The packages keep coming in until you are no longer interested in the t-shirts and you opt-out, or if you cannot afford to keep up with the payments.

It takes a lot of trust to sign up for online t-shirt subscriptions, which is why getting a reputable subscription company is fundamental. Check online reviews from previous customers to avoid second-guessing their credibility.

Fortunately, an online t-shirt subscription may have a return policy, depending on the subscription company. This comes in handy, especially if you get what you did not expect. Shipping time depends on your location and the courier service used to deliver your t-shirts.

Bottom Line

Online t-shirt subscriptions work just like a magazine subscription. As long as you keep paying for it, you will always receive a package with the best t-shirts True Classis Tees have to offer. Trust and communication are crucial to keep the process fair and smooth. Most importantly, you should ensure due diligence before paying your money to a subscription company.