Reasons To Use Text Message Marketing

In the United States, approximately 6.4 billion SMS messages are sent each day, representing an average of 20 messages per person. Despite this high and relevant data, SMS marketing is not usually a widely used practice by people or brands who want to reach their consumers. Through you will be able to acquire this type of knowledge to implement new strategies to boost your business to higher sales.

In principle, it is not very convincing to want to implement an SMS marketing campaign when you have other more popular options such as email marketing. So we will give some reasons why you might want to implement a text message marketing campaign.

Firstly, text message marketing is usually more effective, as the open rate of promotions and offers in text message marketing is much higher than that achieved with email marketing. The reason why this happens is that while a text message is read in a matter of seconds, an email message can remain for a long time in the mailbox, so it is certainly a more efficient medium, particularly for those lightning sales and promotions of the day.

Another important reason is that text messages reach a more committed public, because consumers choose with greater criteria to whom to give their phone number in order to receive campaigns that really are of interest.

Text message marketing has the advantage of allowing a two-way dialogue to be generated, something that does not happen with email marketing, for example, since this marketing is usually used in only one direction, because the company or business sends an email with its product, but it cannot be answered, while people can respond without any inconvenience and if they are interested in a promotion by text message and participate if possible with the brand generating a dialogue between both via SMS. In this way you can create a solid relationship with the consumer and greater confidence in the brand.

By marketing via SMS you can sell more, with marketing via text messages, you boost the commitment to bring consumers to your store, very different to the case of email marketing, where you must encourage sales via online. Once you get customers into your store, they are more likely to buy, they can see additional offers that they were not initially interested in, and they can even purchase other products that they find attractive. This way, the size of a customer’s shopping cart is on average approximately 3 times larger than if they were to shop online.

At we will be able to advise you with all the information you require to undertake a text message marketing project if you wish, and we will guide you through the steps that are most convenient for you and your brand.