Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood Council – Stakeholder Meetings

Meetings at:

Halldale Elementary School Auditorium on 216th Street between Halldale and Normandie.

Ample parking, ample seating, and translators all are available.

Email us jedwards.lacity@yahoo.com

More info at www.harborgatewaysouth.org/info


Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood Council


Neighborhood Councils were mandated by the voters of the City of Los Angeles as a part of the revised City Charter. It has taken several years to form and fund a new City Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. That department is now in operation assisting in the formation of the required local councils, of which we are one.

A group of your neighbors here in Harbor Gateway have volunteered to do the extensive and time consuming work of forming our Council, and preparing it for Certification by the Department.

Upon obtaining that certification, In June of 2003 a Board of Governors was elected BY YOU, from all STAKEHOLDERS (all persons who live, work, do business or own property in the southern section of the Gateway).

Now YOU have the opportunity, to voice your opinion on City matters, to have a real effect on City government. That’s the whole idea.

To be successful, numbers count: the more of you who participate by attending the short monthly meetings, the more effective you will be!

Those meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month a 7 P.M. in the Auditorium of Hallldale Elementary School at Halldale and 215th Street.