Stimulus funding for new hires

Stimulus Funding for new Hires
Great news,  a National Emergency grant for On the Job Training funding is availble to employers in L.A..

The grant will pay up to 90% of the wages of all new hires during the first 2 – 3 months for individuals who have been laid off and receiving UI benefits for 26 weeks or more at time of hire.

The grant goes until December 31st 2011 and pays $3,500 for each new hire.

The reimbursement is based on company size:
•       90% of the wage for 50 or less employees
•       75% of the wage for 51 – 249 employees
•       50% of the wage for 250 or more employees 

Also covered is up to $300 of the new hires work related expenses:

•    Car payment, insurance or registration
•    Gas Card or Bus pass
•    Utility Bills
•    Work Attire, shoes or uniforms

Employee Eligibility:

· Valid California Drivers License or ID and Social Security card

· Selective Service Card (Males only)

· Legal right to work verification

· Previous to employment: must have been laid off and receiving or exhausted Unemployment Insurance benefits for more than 26 weeks.

Please call Joan Samuels on 310-405-5931 for more information